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Updated: 03/05/2016


Csquared is currently seeking the following position.


Project Team Leader


Define, plan, track, resource and manage research projects using highly unique innovative technologies including free radical generation, advanced additive manufacturing and other materials science based technologies. Knowledge and experience is also used to write technical grant applications and papers. Project is managed from concept through to a successful market outcome including product development and product release. The role utilizes experienced skills of leadership, product development, commercial development, presentation and demonstration skills to perform the following:


  • Define, implement and maintain an accurate project plan

  • Report weekly on project progress, seek input and improvement to the project pathway

  • Use the project plan to establish and publish clear priorities among project activities to the team members

  • Provide innovative solution based ideas to the research process

  • Assure that all team members understand their roles, accepts their responsibilities and deliver on required outcomes

  • Ensure project objectives are met and initiate phase review from time to time to validate the commercial feasibility of the project and determine if objectives must change to match customer requirements

  • Develop a business case that accurately documents the value of the product and the commercial strategy of deployment

  • Provide technical leadership and learn and deploy new technologies to the project’s advantage

  • Identify, deploy and nurture the right skill sets needed for the project

  • Motivate the team members to increase their productivity and performance

  • Coordinate management and technical decisions

  • Arbitrate and resolve conflict and within the project and the team

  • Involve other teams for extra help when in need

  • Participate and guide the team in design, development, and testing of technologies

  • Analyze the actual performance against the plan and make adjustments consistent with project objectives

  • Evaluate the performance of team members and report to the management periodically

  • Accurately record and manage the experiment data

  • Prepare project budget and maintain accurate records of all expenditure

  • Recommend the procurement of new equipment and tools requisite to the project

  • Maintain an inventory for all critical goods

  • Prepare and make presentations to investors


Minimum of a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field and 3 years of experience as Project Team Leader, Engineer for related for research and development projects is required.

The role is based in Novi, Michigan.

Please apply by email to Csquared Innovations inc., at


Csquared Innovations Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

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