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We design and synthesize complex nanostructured materials and coatings that empower disruptive applications. By combining the power of science and technology with the greater good, we create sustainable and meaningful innovations that redefine manufacturing best practice.

Conceived at the University of Michigan, our plasma/laser hybrid deposition technology offers a high-speed, cost-effective and highly-scalable platform approach to the synthesis of nanostructured materials and coatings.  This patented technology brings advanced material design, synthesis and deposition onto a single platform. Our process is linearly scalable, modular and needs no reconfiguration to produce a variety of materials. The technology is truly disruptive, simultaneously creating and fusing nanoparticles into final components to form highly customizable structures whilst removing the need for binders to hold the particles together. Combining synthesis and deposition allows for the production of unique functionally-gradient monolithic structures.

Material design concepts formed into tangible components that are prohibitively expensive or even unthinkable to achieve with traditional manufacturing processes. We are the pioneers of concept-to-component (C2) nanotechnology, we are CSquared.


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