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Novel Materials

CSquared partners with its customers to materialize custom concepts into components. Our platform technology allows us to synthesize powders between 5 and 100 nanometers in size and ranging from 90% to 99.99% purity.

Coatings & Thin Films

Our patented technology platform simultaneously creates and fuses nanomaterials into final components to form dense, binderless coatings and thin films.  Combining synthesis and deposition allows for the production of unique functionally-gradient monolithic structures up to a rate of several microns per second. Our functional coatings and thin films range from 100 nanometers to 1 millimeter thick with densities of 30% to 99%.​

Manufacturing Equipment

We recognize that sustainable and meaningful innovations require commercialization partnerships that play to each partner’s strengths. CSquared is focused on continually redefining the clean-manufacturing landscape; our manufacturing partners benefit from our bespoke nanotechnology synthesis and deposition platforms.

Have a coating or material we can help you with?

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